Coronavirus Concerns

As of 5/7/2020: 

The Bethesda & Silver Spring offices are now OPEN with coronavirus precautions.

(last updated 7/23/2020)

Dear Patients,

        On May 7th, 2020, Governor Larry Hogan lifted the "Stay at home" order and allowed us to return to provide dentistry for our patients. We are excited to see everyone again. As you have already known, cases for Covid-19 are still relevant. We have been working diligently to improve our services and protocols to help prevent the spread of the disease and to protect our team, our patients, and our community.


A few things to note:

The world and our way of living have changed because of this pandemic. Just like you can no longer enter grocery and retail stores without waiting in a line and wearing facial coverings, we cannot see you in our office without a change in procedure. Gone are the waiting rooms, magazines and toys. We would love so much to catch up to you, but we have to request to keep the conversations to a minimum to keep things moving and limit all the aerosols.

We will do our utmost best to see you at your scheduled time—but please excuse us if we run a few minutes late.


Here's what we're doing to protect everyone:

  • After each and every appointment, our rooms are thoroughly disinfected with specialized disinfectant wipes

  • Our suction lines are cleaned through with solution

  • We use a UV disinfectant and specialized HEPA air filtration system that requires 15 minutes in a closed room to clean and "scrub" the air of any aerosols

  • All PPE gear worn by operatory staff are removed in the treatment room and staff must go through a rigorous disinfection protocol. This takes extensive time to put on properly and remove, and a new set are used for each patient

    • What our dental team wears during your appointments: waterproof isolation gown, shoe coverings, head/hair coverings, KN95/N95 mask, a level 3 surgical mask, mask fitter, stopgap mask with fitter, face shield, and gloves

    •  Cloth masks are always worn by all team members, including those not involved in direct patient care

  • Our protocols are ever changing—we are constantly monitoring guidance given to us by the CDC, ADA, and the Maryland Department of Health

    • Procedures that used to be quick may take longer than you are used to. We are constantly testing out the best new methods and equipment to reduce the amount of aerosols produced

What to expect at when you schedule an appointment with us:

  1. Complete a COVID19 Pre-Screening form prior to arrival

    1. It can be done over the phone <5 days before

    2. Filled out by you and emailed over to us at

  2. If at any time prior to your appointment you are not feeling well, please contact us right away

    1. We will kindly request that you refrain from scheduling an appointment until you are feeling better


On the day of your appointment:

  1.  Call us at (301) 896-0633 when you arrive & stay in your car (let us know where you parked). Someone will be out momentarily to get you

  2. Only the scheduled patient can enter the office. We kindly request all other family members and friends to wait in the car—we will come out to talk to you, or call you on your cell phone if necessary

  3. Please keep your mask on when you enter. If you do not have one, we will provide you with one

  4. We will pre-screen you once again for any changes

  5. Your temperature will be taken

  6. If you are wearing gloves, please dispose of them in the trash at our entryway. Hand sanitizer is given for you to use before entry to the office

  7. You will be brought directly back to the treatment room

  8. Please keep your mask on for the duration of your appointment, we will remove it ourselves when we need to work in the mouth


After your appointment:

  1. We will walk you back outside

  2. All payments can be done over the phone—if you need to stop at the front desk for any reason, please let us know

  3. Follow up checks will be made over the phone