What is Solea Sleep

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Solea® Sleep reduces or eliminates snoring by tightening tissue in the soft palate and reducing vibrations that cause snoring. Unlike surgical procedures that require incisions, stitches, and long recoveries, Solea Sleep is a nonsurgical laser treatment that takes only a few minutes with no recovery time and immediate relief. Enjoy a better night's sleep for you and your partner.



The primary source of snoring is the vibration that can occur when air flows past relaxed tissues in the soft palate. These tissues can become even more relaxed with age or weight gain.



Snoring is often a symptom of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), a serious condition that can be life threatening. Solea Sleep is a treatment for snoring only. Your dentist may do an evaluation of your airway and, depending on results, may then recommend that you consult a physician for further evaluation.


STEP 1: Contact us

Contact us at https://www.drbunnag.com/contact-us

Schedule an appointment with the front desk. Please tell us your symptoms and that you are inquiring about Solea Sleep.

STEP 2: SnoreLab

Download the SnoreLab app which develops your SnoreScore. SnoreLab will give better insight on your snoring problem. Snorelab is available on Google Play and the App Store. 


STEP 3: Treatment

Your SoleaSleep treatment will be performed by Dr. Bunnag.